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by Rawb
20 Sep 2019, 10:22
Forum: The PPP Widget Family for Android
Topic: E3372h-607 working! (Reconnect issue)
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E3372h-607 working! (Reconnect issue)

Hi! I have finally managed to get a 4g modem working with my px6 Dasaita head unit. It connects and also successfully auto-connects on android start. With one exception. If the android unit and the car it is mounted in has not cut the power to the modem ( it takes maybe 15 seconds until the modem lo...
by Rawb
04 Sep 2019, 20:38
Forum: The PPP Widget Family for Android
Topic: E3372h-153 PX5
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Re: E3372h-153 PX5

I Also have this modem and i am trying to use ppp widget 3 with a Dasaita px6 head unit. it is rooted with stock rom and android 9. I can only get as far as "building network" and it shows signal strength + the modem shows its little light that according to the manual means its connected t...