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3G usb dongle on NVR/DVR with Embedded Linux

Post by aparty » 01 Aug 2017, 10:18


How can I use a 3G usb dongle as ZTE K3565Z with a NVR with Embedded Linux as this
http://juanvision.wixsite.com/juanvisio ... -ja-5108-h

I think it will need to switch to umts modem before use.

I tested huawei E5372, too. NVR didn't recognize the UMTS modem.

Can you help me?


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Re: 3G usb dongle on NVR/DVR with Embedded Linux

Post by Josh » 01 Aug 2017, 22:32

Can you install additional software on that thing? I would be amazed if you can.

The usual way with embedded devices is to flash the whole system after making changes to it. For this you need tools and good advice (from people who managed to do this before).

You also need the current firmware image either from the device or from the manufacturer.

That's as specific as I can be. I'm not very familiar with network VCRs or with firmware tweaks.
I myself am using the trusted "VDR" on a full-size Linux PC, with satellite reception.

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