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Make targets

Post by sakis » 05 Jan 2010, 18:46

Hi Josh,

on version 1.0.6, "integrated_install" target depends on "all" target, which itself depends on "clean" target. I think it would be better if "all" target did not issue "clean". Or have a new target that would make installation using pre-built binary, like "make no_compile_integrated_install".

This could make installation much easier for the casual-i386-i-am-new-to-linux user.

Just my thought.


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Post by Josh » 07 Jan 2010, 16:22

The point is that the integrated install needs a slightly different binary. So it can't use the one that is included which is a "normal" binary for manual use. Consequently, it has to remove the existing binary and compile a new one (there are syslog dependencies involved).

Of course this is a transitional procedure and may change with the degree of distribution integration. At some point the binary will probably be removed completely from the source package.

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