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Create a setup wizard

Post by myguidingstar » 27 Oct 2011, 07:06

I think it would be much easier for end user like me if there's a setup wizard.
Here's what I'm thinking how the wizard will be:
  • Start the wizard, click "I'll plug the device in now"
    Plug the device in (the physical way)
    Confirm "I've already plugged the device in"
    So then the device-id (and maybe some info) should have be detected (and printed out to the user?)
    Do "Select type of device here:" with a range of types such as: 3G dongle with card-reader, wireless router etc...
    Report new hard-ware (optional)

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Post by Josh » 16 Dec 2011, 23:11

Hmm, how would the tool recognize new hardware that has to be mode-switched?
Because it is new, its USB ID and its properties are unknown yet ...

There is no workaround for exploring and testing every new device, I'm afraid.

Known hardware can be treated without user interaction.

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