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Huawei E353/E3131 stopped working wirh usb_modeswitch-2.5.1

Post by karaytanto » 03 Dec 2017, 15:23


First of all, thank you for the work you're doing.

I just want to report that after upgrading to usb_modeswitch-2.5.1 on Archlinux my Huawei E353/E3131 (12d1:1f01) stopped working.
Downgrading to usb_modeswitch-2.5.0 made it work again.

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Re: Huawei E353/E3131 stopped working wirh usb_modeswitch-2.

Post by Josh » 06 Dec 2017, 15:11

Can you enable logging (see /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf) and try again (with 2.5.1)?

The log may provide a clue what's happening.

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