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Huawei E3131 what are my possibilities?

Post by Ursusus » 17 Jul 2020, 08:10


I feel kinda embarrassed asking here, as I have no issue with usb_modeswitch or pppwidget, but as you are the genius behind both pieces of software, well you might be able to help me nevertheless. Please do! ;)

I bought 2 Huawei E3131 sticks on eBay Kleinanzeigen the other day and realised shortly after that I need to get rid of that hilink crap those sticks use. The intention is to upgrade an E160E stick connected to my Android HeadUnit in my car. The new E3131 devices work using pppwidget there (the older E160E ootb without pppwidget), but pppwidget forbids any other vpn-solution on Android to be used at the same time. I use Blokada which uses the VPN-Framework on Android to facilitate (among other things) an AdBlocker.
I searched everywhere and tried several things but it looks like I have a different E3131 than those successfully switching from hilink to modem-mode. For instance I never see a ttyUSB? device poping up, so I can't shoot with minicom at it whatever I try. On a sidenote, it's rather hard to find a GSM-stick that works on those Android HeadUnits, so my option buying a different stick is somewhat limited. Especially as I bought those two sticks (two in one package) because they are supposed to be compatible with my HeadUnit.

On Debian the stick is registered as follows:
By lsusb: ID 12d1:14dc Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E33372 LTE/UMTS/GSM HiLink Modem/Networkcard
Searching an online USB vendor/device database it states it is this: E3372 LTE/UMTS/GSM HiLink Modem/Networkcard
According to the HiLink-WebUI:Device name: E3131 Hardware version: CU1E3131IM
According to the sticker on the device: E3131
In neither case is anything written if it is any special version or revision that would denote it is a HiLink or modem device (google told me something about S1, S2, H and other crap added to the device name).

Do you have ANY idea what my options would be? In other words, are you familiar with that pesky stick? :)


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Re: Huawei E3131 what are my possibilities?

Post by LOM » 19 Jul 2020, 04:17

12d1:14db and 12d1:14dc are two commonly used USB Id's in HiLink firmwares, they are used by a couple of different dongles and they provide a cdc_ether net interface and no serial interfaces.

One option if your head unit doesn't speak cdc_ether is to look on the net for another firmware (stick mode instead of HiLink mode) and program your E3131 with that.
Best option is always to buy a dongle that is supported directly in the head unit or to buy the head unit from a mfgr that has included support for modern dongles.

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