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New data package release 20130602

Post by Josh » 02 Jun 2013, 21:10

Many new devices - listing all since last data package announcement:

Nokia CS-12, Alcatel-Lucent T930S, Axesstel MV241, Pantech UML290, Huawei E3131 (Variant), Huawei U2800 Phone, Huawei GP02 (E587 Variant), KDDI (Huawei) HWD12 LTE, Novatel MC996D, Axesstel MU130, ZTE MF656A, MF668A, MF669, Onda MT8205 LTE, ZTE MF680, ZTE MF196, BandRich BandLuxe C508, Alcatel L100V, Explay Slim, Onda TM201 14.4 (TIM Italy), Onda WM301, D-Link DWM-156 (several new variants), D-Link DWR-510, Mediatek MT6229, Changhong CH690, WeTelecom WM-D200; several new target IDs for Sierra, Huawei and ZTE. Fix for WeTelecom WM-D300.

Thanks to every contributor!

Other changes:

Included simple TCL script to regenerate rules file from configs.