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PPP Widget 2 - Red, Hot and Reborn

Posted: 22 Aug 2014, 19:29
by Josh
In a few minutes, "PPP Widget 2" will be available at Google Play.

I gave it "Beta" status, but have tested it quite a bit with several tablets and modems; it should be useable, however do be prepared to hit unexpected obstacles ...

"PPP Widget 2" does not seem different when you look at it, but it has been fundamentally re-written; there is hardly any old code left.

The main differences from the original version are as follows:
  • No more driver modules needed (the primary reason for the re-write); it now runs on devices where driver module loading has been disabled
  • No more "pppd", "chat" and "usb_modeswitch" binaries; it's mostly plain Java now
  • The minimum Android version required is 4.0
  • To create a network interface, the official ("legal") API for VPN connections is used
New features:
  • Access configuration now bound to SIM card; you get a "profile" per SIM (auto-loading)
  • A proper "About" dialog :)
Still to do:
  • Translations need updating; many of the old strings are re-used, but there are several new ones; I will once more beg for help as soon as I have re-organized the string files ...
  • Custom AT commands are not implemented yet, but will be eventually
If you would like to write reports (bugs, success) about "PPP Widget 2", please add a new thread to the PPP Widget forum and start the subject line with "PPP Widget 2: " to avoid confusion.

Re: PPP Widget 2 - Red, Hot and Reborn

Posted: 30 Aug 2014, 23:12
by Josh
New in version 1.0.5 (including all minor updates before):
  • Fixed several crash possibilities
  • Improved logic of SIM profile creation
  • Profile dialog now auto-opens the configuration

Re: PPP Widget 2 - Red, Hot and Reborn

Posted: 30 Aug 2014, 23:17
by Josh
New in version 1.0.6:
  • Fixed annother bug in mode-switch configuration parsing
  • Layout overhaul: widget is now better aligned on the home screen and can be resized horizontally. Useful for languages which need more space in the message box

Re: PPP Widget 2 - Red, Hot and Reborn

Posted: 04 Sep 2014, 00:13
by Josh
New in version 1.0.7:
  • Fixed two possible but unlikely crashes
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to dropping of incoming packets. Some users may see a download speed increase

Re: PPP Widget 2 - Red, Hot and Reborn

Posted: 13 Apr 2015, 21:28
by Josh
New in version 1.2.0:
  • Now works on Android 5.0.x (5.1 untested) with full network access including Google Play downloads !!
  • Fix for modem recognition on Lenovo Yoga 2 and probably other models
  • Many improvements in dialling and data transmission
  • Fix for wake-up after boot