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ppp install problems -only side load possible

Post by nfp » 07 Apr 2019, 17:00

i am trying to install ppp widget on a Android 7 Tv stick which has no other means of connecting to internet. I am trying to side load PPP widget 3 and its failing. ("Please install from google play")

I can install ppp widget 1 but it cant connect to modem port -even when i manually specify the ports. The modem does create ports ttyUSb0,ttyUSb1,ttyUSb2 - i can see them under /dev amd also the dmesg logs.
For some reason the logs are not being written by PPP even after I enable logging.

1.Is there a way to side load PPP widget 3 since I cant use play store? there anything else to try with PPP widget 1 to see if i can get it going?

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