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Huawei E3372H-153 & Pop-up at boot time

Posted: 01 Apr 2020, 12:36
by maloups

I have a px6 Dasaita head unit with "Hal9k" Rom (Android 9) ... s-t4046361

When i configure my Huawei E3372H-153 "manually", it's work fine with PPP Widget 3.
My problem is after head unit boot... After each boot there is a pop-up window asking me if I want PPP Widget to handle this device even if i check the box in the dialog to remember my decision...

When display, if i valid the pop-up, the dongle auto connect work fine.

Any idea why the checkbox don't remember my decision ?

I also see that this dialog does not appear all the time (and so, modem not working). Sometime it take 30 sec, sometime 2 or 3 min.... sometine never, i must connect by clicking on the widget...

Any way to fix and speedup startup ?

Re: Huawei E3372H-153 & Pop-up at boot time

Posted: 21 May 2020, 20:52
by Josh
The dialog is an Android issue.
Android should remember your giving that permission if you check the little box saying just that. It does if it runs normally.

As for the late start-up, I don't know what the problem is. It may be hardware-related, e.g. not providing enough power to the modem.
Did you try all possible USB ports? Do you have other USB devices attached?