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dialing timout

Post by zezo » 09 Jul 2020, 20:22

thanks a lot for the great app
ppp 3 working good but if i disconnect and connect again some times it may give an error
"timeout waiting modem to replay"
also some times while connected and internet work suddenly no internet while modem led blinking (mean connected and there is internet) so if i press disconnect ppp show disconnected while modem led is still blinking!!!
for all casses i have to remove modem and insert again and that's not good for modem to remove while working! plus it can interrupt my work on internet!!
that's the log when say timeout error

that's the log for whole session while work good for tow times and the third -as remember- show the error
log ppp
log usb

modem is zte mf 180 with operating sys "prime os"

any help will be appreciated
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log usb.txt
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log ppp.txt
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