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PPP on Android Tablet

Post by adamsmith » 18 Mar 2022, 05:34

I am trying to set up a PPP connection from a Zte MF820b 4G LTE USB modem/router to a WiFi only Android tablet with a 4.2.2 os that has a custom ROM installed which technically shouldnt of been jailbroken. The tablet is running a Linux version 2.4.3 and KERNEL:3.0.36. The problem here is me. I am a complete newbie, but do know a little about command prompts and how this should work in theory. The tablet is fully rooted and has all the necessary applets installed via busy box(chat, nc, pppd, ect) and terminal emulator, or at least I think that's what's necessary. I installed PPPwidget 2 and 3 but as apk's and since they are not from the Play Store will not function. I have Google play store installed but its all but useless since I can not log into my account, for reasons I suspect as being that the system is too old and says something about the connection not being secure or private and as such...can not actually get the app with license verification from Google play store. I tried to lucky patch the apk and remove license verification but that did nothing as well. However the apk will read the modem and ask permission to allow pppwidget to be used but shortly fail after for the aforementioned lack of correct license. There must be a way to manually call the modem and connect via terminal emulator using adb ppp or nc? Without any understanding on how to actually write a script I'm hoping someone can help me get this functioning. Situation beyond current controll will not allow me to work with anything other than what's at hand, and I'm willing to pay for someones time if I can actually get this working. I also have a tablet with a different os (8.1 Oreo) should that be easier. With the 4.2.2 the device pops up as "storage" in my file manager. With the 8.1 it pops up as a device Id number when I type in lsusb in my terminal emulator. The 8.1 has Termux installed should that open up a different venue. The carrier I'm using is T-Mobile and the nameserver and ISP info is NS1-AUTH.SPRINTLINK.NET; IP The device is functional as when the opportunity arose I was able to plug up to a computer and try it out. That's no longer viable. Again, I'm willing to pay for the help as I'm sure I'll need to correspond back and forth a few times and will probably need help writing the correct script if needed. Please email me @ Thanks

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