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New data package release 20150115

Post by Josh » 15 Jan 2015, 22:37

  • New devices: Aiko 81D, Alcatel-Lucent ABS-T920, Alcatel X602D, Amoi H-01, Amoi H-02, D-Link DWM-157 B1, D-Link DWM-221, D-Link DWM-156 A8, D-Link DWM-167 A1, Huawei ETS1201, Intex 3.5G, Intex Speed 3G v7.2, Linktop LW272/LW273 (BSNL Teracom), Onda MV815U, Onda MO835UP, Onda MDC655, Onda MDC655 Variant, Quanta MU-Q101, StrongRising STD808, Telewell TW-LTE 4G, TechFaith Venus VT-18, TechFaith BSNL Capitel, TechFaith FlyingLARK46, Tlaytech TEU800, TU930, IVIO IV-2010u, Viettel VT100, Wisue W340, Zoom 3G, ZTE / Vodafone K4607-Z, ZTE / Vodafone K4201, ZTE MF730, ZTE MF710M Variants, several modems with unknown names (vendor ID 0x257a)
  • Many minor corrections and additions to existing configurations
Download it from the USB_ModeSwitch main page.