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PPPWidget3,Android 9, E3372h, writes a modem not found

Post by busel13 » 12 Jun 2019, 11:06

Good day. Help to decide which way to dig or what to do.
There is a Huawei E3372h-153 modem, firmware: 22.323.03.00.715 Modem in HILINK mode: ^ GETPORTMODE: TYPE: WCDMA: huawei ,, rndis: 0, pcui: 1, c_shell: 2, a_shell: 3,3g_diag: 4, gps : 5.4g_diag: 6, mass_two: 7
It is necessary to make friends with the Chinese media set on Android 9. I tried to use PPP Widget (2,3) In all cases, the widget writes a modem not found. I assume that PPP mode is disabled in the modem.
Tell me what is better to do in my situation in order to make friends with a modem with a prefix? I would not want to completely flash the modem. I suppose I just need to put the song into modem mode. The terminal reached the modem, but the HILINK mode cannot change the composition, only by recording nvram 50091. I read almost all the caps, but I still didn’t understand if the composition could be changed without full firmware and how to add an nvram 50091 record. If you can, help me with a direct action advice. Maybe the media set with 9 android is to blame?

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Re: PPPWidget3,Android 9, E3372h, writes a modem not found

Post by Josh » 30 Sep 2019, 17:33

If you are still monitoring this thread, please post your "USB Log".

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