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Setup modem freeze | rk3368 HU | Android 9 | PX5

Post by stefoo » 01 Nov 2019, 15:35

Hello, Josh!

I have looked through the forum board and tried all solutions to no avail.
Doing that I got an impression from here and the app itself, that you are a nice guy, so hello from Bulgaria.
And if you ever visit Sofia or the seaside, send pm, drinks are on me. I am speaking from the name of the community as well :).

I bought a car HU without a modem since I got plenty laying around and am trying to connect using PPP3.
The HU is rk3368, Android 9, PX5, stock rom with root.
Modems are Huawei E3131 and ZTE MF667 HSPA+. Both tested on a PC.
I tried different types of settings but nothing worked for me.
I could not test with creating a sim profile, because fields were always disabled. What is my guess of why modem setup fails.
Also, reading the logs I dont find the problem.
I have attached my USB and PPP logs of last trial with trying the different settings or modem.
Also, by chance I checked the SuperSu log and found there the following when PPP3 is granted SU:
"SuperSU PRO is required for this feature". But there is no PRO available in the market, so this is dead end.
If anybody with working modem could confirm this to be irrelevant, would be beneficial.

Please, help with any suggestions.
Thank you.
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Re: Setup modem freeze | rk3368 HU | Android 9 | PX5

Post by Josh » 07 Nov 2019, 19:10

O.K., let's go through the list ...

1. Android 9 is yet untested with PPP Widget. I just bought my first device running that version but have not managed to root it yet. So this is work in progress ...

2. The modem setup does not need any SIM parameters. If a modem is discovered, the only thing that is checked is if a SIM is present or not in the modem.
Your PPP log however shows that the SIM is locked due to too many wrong PIN attempts. You would have to unlock your SIM first on a PC with the PUK code; that ability is not part of PPP Widget, unfortunately.

3. "Magisk" should also work with PPP Widget. If SuperSU is not maintained anymore, I'd recommend to change. I'm not sure if logging is possible with Magisk.

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Re: Setup modem freeze | rk3368 HU | Android 9 | PX5

Post by stefoo » 27 Nov 2019, 10:23

Hello, Josh!

Obviously I have locked the sim while performing so many trials. My bad!
I noticed the PUK line in log, but assumed next line OK as OK :). Will try not to assume anymore.
So ...

After taking new sim and disabling pin settings, I plugged with PPP3 all base settings and modem has connected
and there is a connection, so Android 9 is GO green, but there are few other issues I have noticed.

1. Search services are not working as if there is no connection. Youtube movies are playing, but any search returns No downloads found :roll: . Similar goes with Google maps. Maps are downloaded following the location of device, but location search returns no connection. Oddly enough Google play search has no issues.
After modem connects there is this screen message that appears for a second."...Failed to post notification on channel "null"

2. Auto connect is not working. After device has been in sleep mode, because car has been off, device turns up and PPP3 says connected and shows signal strength, but in fact it is not connected. You should touch PPP3 icon to do the re connection process. Although I have turned all settings for auto connect, it still asks me if I want PPP3 to use the Huawei USB modem, Maybe this request is not served in the background when device comes out of sleep for auto reconnect to work.

3. I noticed some weird behavior while modem is plugged. No other memory USBs are recognized. Once I remove the modem, memory USBs connect properly. And if I plug in the modem last, it connects properly.
Dont know if this is device specific issue or PPP3 somehow blocks USBs connections.

I have attached my latest logs for reference.

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