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Another e3372 newbie

Post by ab1jx » 22 Jan 2020, 07:03

This seems to be the defacto place to ask e3372 questions. First I have a rather dumb situation. I turned off my e3372’s internal DHCP server and now I can’t get to the web interface anymore, I even scanned with zenmap and I can’t find it. The standard now gets me a page on this machine. Is there a reset button? I’ve looked with a magnifying glass and I can’t find it. Maybe there’s a reset through modeswitch but it’s hard to believe there isn’t one.

Mine is an e3372s-153 I picked up on eBay in 2017. I live in a rural situation – there’s no real internet other than cell phones or satellite. Mostly I used a couple cell phones with the wifi hotspot until I got caught. Right now I’m using EasyTether to my Raspberry Pi, which has needed reinstalling at least 3 times, I’m not crazy about it. I initially found an article ... p?t=159344 about using an e3372 but it’s short on some details like what should you put in your /etc/network/interfaces file for it, what the route should look like. I have it set up as eth1 on an address of with the gateway the same. But I’ve also never gotten it working. I was timid to experiment at first but I have a T-Mobile sim now I move between the modem and phone. I had a signal on the web interface of 2-3 bars using external antennas. The only real documentation I’ve seen is a quick reference PDF from Huawei.

Oh, modeswitch itself works fine, I switch to the right code: 12d1:14dc.

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Re: Another e3372 newbie

Post by Josh » 01 Feb 2020, 22:05

There is never a hardware reset on these modems. Resetting amounts to unplugging and replugging.
You can screw things up though with proprietary Huawei AT commands which can change modes permanently (stored in some flash memory). Maybe that's what you did with the DHCP server?

Anyway, I think if there isn't any AT command to change the configuration, then the only way to overwrite that setting is by re-flashing the firmware.

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