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Chinese 4G LTE USB Stick (Qualcomm MDM 9200): Serial AT commands anyone?

Post by TheWoo » 15 Aug 2020, 17:21

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I'm looking for a complete documentation of the available AT commands (specifically the model-related snippets) for this infamous Chinese 4G LTE Modem/Wifi Router USB-Stick, so I can establish dial-up connections from the command line. The stick I have runs on a Qualcomm MDM9200.

When switched to modem, it shows up as

Code: Select all

Bus 001 Device 010: ID 05c6:6000 Qualcomm, Inc. Siemens SG75
I've contacted roughly 20 suppliers of this stick on Alibaba, yet no one was able to provide the requested AT commands (hard to believe, I know).

Anyone got an in-depth documentation on these sticks?

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Re: Chinese 4G LTE USB Stick (Qualcomm MDM 9200): Serial AT commands anyone?

Post by LOM » 15 Aug 2020, 18:58

05C6:6000 is a Qualcomm transport Id which the company who bought them should have replaced with his own unique Id.
Many of Qualcomm's customer have not done this and therefore there are umpteen different versions of 05C6:6000 some of them more than ten years old.. Siemens SG75 is one of the first found 05c6:6000 and it is a very old and slow dial-up modem

Since yours has a wifi access point built in then it is a mini-router where the USB interface has a direct net connection (not dial-up) and the ip address of this net connection resides in the same LAN subnet as the wifi does. This is USB tethering.
There are probably not any serial interfaces for AT cmds, instead there is a built in web server which you can connect to via wifi or via the USB net device.

Show me the output from lsusb -vd 05c6:6000 and I can tell you what functions there are on the USB.

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Re: Chinese 4G LTE USB Stick (Qualcomm MDM 9200): Serial AT commands anyone?

Post by freddieventura » 01 Dec 2020, 17:28

Hi guys.
I'm on the same search at the moment.
I'm gonna open up a new thread so we can deal with this properly and set it up for upcoming queries.


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