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New release version 1.0.0

Post by Josh » 04 Jun 2009, 00:14

New in 1.0.0:

Attention: possible incompatibilities for command line control!
  • On/off flags don't require arguments anymore (-H, -S, -O, -d, -R, -n, new: -I), meaning "-R 0" does a reset like "-R 1" or "-R"
  • long option names changed to the widely used standard format (e.g.
    "--HuaweiMode" to "--huawei-mode")
  • added device inquiry, for future help with device identification
  • catch error -19 as possible success
  • send and response endpoints now autoselected (consequently NeedResponse is back)
  • code cleanup + new devices
Please help!
The new SCSI inquiry feature might be a way out of the ambiguity hell with all those different switching commands for one device ID.
Even if you won't use the new version, call it at least once with your device IDs and post the inquiry result lines to the forum (I started a sticky thread for this) !!


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