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New data package release 20121109

Post by Josh » 10 Nov 2012, 11:06

Loads of new devices - listing all since last data package announcement:

Nokia CS-7M-01, LG LUU-2110TI, LG VL600, LG L-03D LTE/3G, Option Beemo/Pantech P4200 LTE, Vodafone/Huawei K3772, Vodafone/Huawei K3773, Huawei E171, Huawei E173s, Huawei E177, Huawei EC156, Huawei E372u-8, Huawei E392u-12, Huawei ET8282, Huawei ET127, ZTE-T A356, ZTE MF192+, ZTE MF190J, Vodafone/ZTE K3770-Z, T-Mobile/ZTE MF591, Aircard 901, ETCOM E300, Archos G9 3G Key, Onda MW833UP, Onda MW836UP-K, Onda MW875UP, Franklin Wireless U600

Thanks for the contribution of most new devices goes to Nicolas Carrier from the Parrot company!

Other changes:

Preparation for future MBIM devices: new "NoMBIMCheck" config parameter, change in modem rules (match devices, not interfaces), best used with usb_modeswitch 1.2.5 and up