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Re: Franklin R850?

Post by LOM » 14 Mar 2018, 07:58

The verbose usb listing shows that R850 has two types of functions, one being the rndis direct ethernet and the other a cdc_acm serial function.

It seems the device is in hotspot mode by default and that you need to enable tether mode in the hidden menu or bridge mode. I guess tether mode is the ISP IP address to computer via rndis with wifi disabled and bridge mode is a private ip address and wifi enabled.

You'll have to experiment yourself, there is not much we can do to help you since it is not a usb_modeswitch matter.

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Re: Franklin R850?

Post by blurb » 01 Jun 2018, 03:49

Well let's see. My franklin r850 would drop it's usb tethering even on windows 7. I suspected power problems, especially since I'm far from the tower and anytime the tx power would rise above 15 in the debug menu things would go completely awry. So I tried more powerful adapters, hubs etc, but that only caused the franklin to shut down shortly after being turned on. So I then went to all the trouble of building my very own power supply, which was super quiet according to my scope, much more so than any other I've tested, yet still all my franklin r850 would do was turn on and then back off again, leading me to believe that it was somehow talking to it's usb supply and refusing to work with any other.

I'm curious, since I turned off updates and my battery blew up, thus disallowing my franklin from updating. I'm still at R850.SP.31.1514. So did the hidden menu go away entirely, or can you still unbrand the thing. I can tell you from experience that unbranding the device will not hurt you, as it will simply connect to the tower and rebrand itself. However, if in unbranded mode you get more info out of your usb scans, which are way above my head, then perhaps it might pay off in some way. But to be honest, I don't see much of a future for these crappy little things unless we're able to put an open version of linux on them.

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Re: Franklin R850?

Post by djerelle » 16 Oct 2018, 06:31

Does anyone happen to have the firmware version R850.SP.31.1514?
Mine auto updated and now I can't use the hidden or webpst menus without my MSL service code. Is there a way to get the MSL?

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Re: Franklin R850?

Post by radec » 02 Feb 2020, 18:45

I know this is old post. But I was curious if anyone got any further with this?

I was thinking that it could help to SSH into the r850 over wifi. I can't figure out figure out the ssh user name and password. The password is not the one you can set on the web interface...or if it is I can't figure out the user name.

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