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New data package release 20120812

Post by Josh » 12 Aug 2012, 18:48

Lots of new devices added - listing all since last data package announcement:

Telenet 3G dongle (T&W WU160), Nokia CS-21M-02, Telewell TW-3G HSPA+, ZTE MF637, TW-3G HSPA+, Samsung GT-B1110, ZTE MF192 (yet annother variant), MediaTek MT6276M, Tata Photon+, Option Globetrotter (Variant), Option iCon 711, Celot K-300, Hisense E910 EVDO Phone, Yota Router (Quanta 1QDLZZZ0ST2), K5005 Vodafone/Huawei, D-Link DWM-156 (Variant), Huawei E173 (Moviestar), Onda MSA 14.4 (TIM Brasil), ZTE MF60, Vodafone K5006Z, Alcatel OT-X220D, Alcatel OT-X080C, TP-Link MA180, ZTE MF821D, Dymo LabelManager PnP, Onda MDC655, Option GI0643, WeTelecom WM-D300, China TeleCom CBP7.0, Linktop LW272/LW273, Nokia CS-11, ZTE MF190 (yet annother variant), Huawei E535.